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          • Product Name: Straw Smashing and Collecting Machine(4YJ-150/172/180/200)
          • Product Number: 03.01.01
          • Time: 2017-09-16
          • Views : 105

          4JS-200-type Straw Smashing and Collecting Machine

          Product Number:4JS-150/172/180/200-type Straw Smashing and Collecting Machine
          External Dimensions:1350×2380×4000
          Working Width:2000mm
          Supporting Power:≥73.5kw
          Number of Blades:80(Number)
          Structure Quality:700kg
          Production Efficiency:0.54~0.72hm²/h

          This machine is a new type of tool combining soil preparation and subsoiling. It breaks the traditional agricultural technology that achieves subsoiling only but not soil preparation, can meet dry and saline-alkali land’s demand for subsoiling on one hand and can meet the demand for soil preparation before seeding on the other hand. The machine consists of the tillage machine in the forepart and the subsoiling teeth in the rear. The subsoiling part is a bending-column type chisel shovel, which features a small resistance and good soil penetration ability; and can form a “rat path” in the bottom of the loosened soil and is conducive to drought resistance. This machine is applicable to the dry farming field, can break the plow pan and deepen the plough layer; and is also suitable for governing water and soil loss of lands with heavy soil, salt and alkali, waterlogging, arid zone, gentle-slope land, and other medium and low-yield fields, and can achieve obvious water conservation and soil moisture preservation effect.